Course Duration 3 Months

Fundamental of computer:- What is computer, Operating system, software & Hardware, Memory, Number System?

Window Xp:- Concept of windows, managing files & folder in computer, basic operation of the file (cut/copy/paste/rename/deletion and searching the & folders), control panel, notepad, paint and media player.

MS Word:– concept of word processing, introduction of ms word, features, key-board, shortcuts, editing & formatting documents table, advance features of MS Word, Mail Merge, macro.

MS Excel:- Worksheet basic, working with formulas and cell referencing,  Auto sum, formatting to Worksheet, Previewing and printing worksheet, Graphs and Charts, Functions, Macros.

MS Power point:- Use of standard formatting, Introduction of MS-PowerPoint, Features of Presentation, Starting PowerPoint, PowerPoint Menus, Designs of Power Point, Tool bars, Standard, Formatting, Drawing, Starting with a new Slides, Different types of Slides, Adding Pictures in a Slide, Auto Content Wizard. Saving a Slide. Printing a Slide. Inserting and Deleting Slides. Viewing a Presentation, Slide View, Outline View, Slide Sorter View, Notes View, Slide Show View, and Setting of Pattern, Color Scheme, Fill Effects, Background Options, Texture, Pattern, and Picture. drawing toolbars editing slides changing templates slide lay outs inserting clipart & pictures into slide Slide transitions Animation Inserting sound and movies into slides.

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