IMas education (IT program) as a mission is greatly influenced by the computer literacy mission of Government of India. Under this mission every person should be able to get the computer Knowledge.
We want to help every person under the computer literacy mission of govt.of India & provide them guidance for their bright future funds to computer centers, Academies, School, Collages, Societies, Individuals all over India.

Quality of education

Education provided by an institution who believes in quality rather than quantity our vast and successful experience in IT and credit of training many students nation wide.


Stepping forward to be the No. 1 CENTRE brand in Bihar & U.P.
Proven success in computer education.
Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced management team with more than 15 years of experience.
World acclaimed system of education.
Unique IARAS COMPUTER EDUCATION thematic curriculum.
Multimedia and internet based teaching.
Use of innovative techniques.
Child-friendly stress-free environment.
Colorful, chirpy & air-cooled/air-conditioned classrooms.
Reasonable franchise fee & royalty.
100% management focus on running Centre.
Bonus profits from summer camp & winter camps.
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