Professional  Course in desktop Publishing & Accountancy

Course Duration 9 Months

ADOBE PAGEMAKER:-Introduction and Page Set-up, Importing and Manipulating Text, Adding Graphics, Paragraphs,Tabs and Paragraph Styles, Working with Multiple Pages, Story Editor, Bullets & Numbering, Drop Capitals & Table of Contents ,Indexes, Saving Space.

What is Adobe Photoshop 7:- Opening Adobe Photoshop 7.0,Photoshop Menus, Creatingm a New Canvas / Image Opening a Pre-existing Image, Steps to create Photoshop Document, The Toolbox, Palettes, Customizing your workspace Viewing an image, Crop Tool, Painting with the Spot Healing Brush, Layer Masks ,Quick Masks, Creating an Adjustment Layer, Typographic Design, Warping a layer, Online Help ,Painting with the Spot Healing Brush, Transform, Character Tool, Paragraph Tool, Warp Text, Correcting Red Eye, Selections in Photoshop, Layers, Cropping in Photoshop, Resizing an Image ,Moving an Image, Selecting / Deleting a Part of an Image, Adding Text, Altering Your Images, Color Painting in Photoshop, Brush / Pencil Tool, Clone Tool, Eraser Tool , Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool , Blur Tool, Rotating an Image, Drawing Shapes, Eyedropper Tool, Zoom Tool, History, Brightness & Contrast, Layer Styles, Saving Images – PSD Format, Saving Images – For the Web, Saving as a GIF File, Saving as a JPEG File, Masks and Channels, Restoring Default Preferences, Undoing Multiple Actions.

CORELDRAW:- Introduction, History, Feature by version, Graphics, Object, Pick Tool, Shape Tool, Knife Tool, Eraser Tool Zoom Tool, Free Hand Tool, Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Spiral Tool, Polygon Tool, Graph Paper Tool, Bezier Tool, Dimension and Connector Too, Interactive Blend and Interactive Contour Tool, Distortion and Interactive Drop Shadow Tool, Interactive Envelope and Interactive Extrude Tool, Interactive Extrude Tool, Interactive Transparency and Eye Dropper Tool, Outline Pen Dialogue Box and Make Outline of Text, Hair Line Outline and Outline Fill Colour Dialogue, Colour Dockers Window and Uniform Fill Colour Dialogue, Fountain and Pattern Fill Colour Dialogue, Texture and Post Script, Interactive Fill Colour, Interactive Mesh Fill, New Form Template, File, Menu, Import, Export, Print, Publish To Web, Edit Menu, Duplicate and Clone, Insert Bar Code Layout ,Menu, Switch, Page Orientation, Wire Frame, Draft and Enhanced, Screen, Ruler and Grid, Guidelines Snap To Grid, Snap To Guidelines Object, Arrange Menu.



Concept of Accounting, Ms Access, Fundamental of Computer, Ms-Windows Objective of Tally TDS Module, Vat Module, Voucher Entry Inventory Information Purchase / Sale Order & Invoice, Reports, Printing, Trail Balance, Day Book, Summaries, Account, Voucher List, Account Master List Final Account, Service Tax.

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