Course Duration 4 Months


Introduction to Programming , Program & Programming , Programming Languages,
Introduction to compiler, Linker, loader, Interpreter , Algorithm and Flowchart
Classification of programming Languages, Overview of C
Constants, Variables and Data types in C
Operators and Expressions
Managing Input and Output operation
Decision making and Branching
Decision making and looping
Character Arrays and Strings
User defined function in C
Structures and Unions
File Management in C
Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked List

Allocation block of memory (Malloc)
Allocation Multiple Blocks of Memory : Calloc
Releasing the used space: free
Altering the size of block : Realloc
Concept of Linked list, Advantages of Linked list
Create, Insert, Delete operations of singly linked list



1)Principles of object-oriented Programming, Basic concept of object-oriented
Programming, Benefits of OOP , Difference between object oriented language and
Procedure oriented language.
2)Introduction of C++, Class, Objects, Creating Simple program using class and object.
3)Token expression and control structure.
Classes and object in detail , Declaring class and defining member function, making
outside function inline , Nesting member function, Private member function arrays
within a class, memory allocation of objects, Static data members and Member
functions , Arrays of Objects , Object as a function argument, Friend functions,
Returning objects, const. member functions.

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